Risk vs Reward

On a Zoom meeting today , the comment was made about it being a very candidate tight recruitment market at present. In our space this has been the case for over 20 years and at the APSCo recruitment conference yesterday it was mentioned that this will get worse, with no additional entrants to the market from overseas.


There seems to be a consensus that presently a lot of potential candidates are reluctant to move, because there was uncertainty in general about business conditions, safety during Covid, the whole different world etc.


It got me to thinking….there is always uncertainty.


Uncertainty reached its peak roughly a year ago in Australia, when people just weren’t sure which ways the winds would blow .


I admit that we also felt that uncertainty, with 90% of our jobs disappearing in a 3 day stint.


Fast-forward 12 months, we are at 120% of our pre-Covid volumes, and the stock, employment and property markets are at all time highs.


If not now, then when?


If you are to wait for the moment where all of the planets align, you are going to be waiting for quite a time


It’s the good old case of risk vs reward.


You will get the reward of the right role , if you exercise a calculated risk in making the move


Don’t let external factors completely influence your career progression/path. If you have strategically mapped this out, these factors are a consideration, never an excuse.


You can both minimise your risk and maximise your reward by working with someone who knows the market and its conditions, knows the players in your niche and knows where the growth opportunities are.


Happy to discuss with anyone considering the plunge. Risk it for the biscuit!

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