My first month, my first time

After only being at Grow for one month, I feel like I am already a true part of the team. When coming to the realisation that it was time to put the pocket protector away and leave the calculator for weekends, I knew I was very keen to find a new career path. Being a part of the recruitment industry was something I thought I’d love to get in to, due to the variety of the jobs, the roles and the candidates that came through.

The first four weeks in recruitment have been highly educational, to say the least. I had no real clue what world I was getting myself into. Clients, Candidates, social media, Industry changes, jobs statistics, company performance, these are just a few of the things you have to stay on top of on a daily basis. Miss one of these and the system falls. It’s crazy, and I’m loving it. The heat of the moment, the rush in the morning where everyone is on a mission to get into their offices nice and early because we all know an 8:30am start doesn’t actually mean 8:30am.

Taking a leap into an industry I was not familiar with was not easy, but the new prospect was exciting for me. With a supportive team, I was able to develop my skills whilst training, and by the end of my first week, I knew Grow was a great place for me to …. are you ready… Grow my career…

To properly portray the experiences, it can only be shown through my most recent exploit. As I sit here on a Monday afternoon getting in touch with firms to detail my candidate I stumble across a fantastic firm that is just about to start looking, what fortuitous timing. “Wait, don’t get too excited” I immediately tell myself, play it cool – you sound like a teenager who is about to get his first kiss, I mean your candidate is great they would be lucky to have her even consider their team. I’m happy… I played it cool, I tell them all about her, the international exposure, the wide breadth of industry experience, her desire to succeed and grow with a business. They are immediately keen, let’s get an interview organised they say. Okay, okay I think… umm play it cool again… I ask them about their business, “what type of clients do you have?” to ensure it is the right fit for what she is after, I deliberate, I ask questions to which I know the answers to gain more time to think up more questions that matter to her, “how’s the weather up there?”, I get 90% of the answers I need, I can’t think of the rest… okay I’ve got most things covered, time to relax. After some time, the phone goes down, I take a breath, what a rush! The interview is going to go ahead…. My first time.

So, what can I say about my change to the recruitment industry, it is definitely that, a massive change. You never really know what a day has in store, you never really know how a person will react, how an interview is going to go, what lies ahead but what I can tell you is that every day is exciting. I have a great team and I love coming to work, not many people can say that!

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