Thank You!

There was a campaign promoted by one of the Big 4 a few weeks ago that was calling people to publicly thank those who assisted them, and they were grateful for. Having spent a few hours on planes over the last couple of weeks, this offered time to ponder the meaning of life and identify those whose assistance we’re grateful for.

This post is on behalf of Gary and myself.


Thank You


Thank you to our clients

Without you, we wouldn’t be here. We love the fact that you treat us as partners in the growth of your practice and it’s not a purely transactional relationship. Looking forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals in 2017 and onwards

Thank you to our candidates

It’s been great working with you guys (and girls)! We appreciate that even months after starting your new gig, you still come to us for advice on how to continuously grow. And let’s face it, without awesome candidates like you, we wouldn’t have our awesome clients!

Thank you to our friends

You’ve been a great sounding board and been there in good (and not so good) times. You come from a range of backgrounds and we appreciate the views, insights, and assistance you could offer. Whether it be looking at matters from another perspective, or changing tact, you’ve been there.

Thank you to my mentor

You’ve taken calls at all hours and helped us work through some pretty tight matters. Your opinions are highly regarded and you usually have an interesting take on situations. Whether it be working through complex matters, looking at situations from an alternative perspective, or just getting our heads back in the game, you’ve been there and we appreciate your counsel.

Thank you to our families

Our families have gone through an emotional rollercoaster. Whether we’ve been running around chasing our tails or absolutely elated with big wins, our families have been there to hear all about it. Sometimes they offer advice, other times a source to just vent to – either way, they’ve been awesome and we’re thankful.

Have a great and safe break. We look forward to helping you grow in 2017!

P.S I’ve kept names out for anonymity. You (should) know who you are and you’re more than welcome to identify yourself in the comments, should you choose to.

Tony Sivaa

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